Wait for M11, New M10-R with 1 Lens, Used M10-P with 2 Lenses?

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Re: Wait for M11, New M10-R with 1 Lens, Used M10-P with 2 Lenses?

rhett_rick wrote:

Considering a purchase of my first M camera. New to rangefinders, not new to photography. I'm debating between waiting for the M11, springing for a new M10-R, or looking for a used M10-P. I don't need more megapixels but I do want the best low-light performance, which also has me considering the M10-M. If I get the M10-R I'd be able to budget for one lens, likely a 35mm Summilux or Summicron. Depending on what I could pick up a used M10-P for, I could likely swing two lenses (35 and 50 Summicrons, or 35 Summilux and Voigtlander/Zeiss 50mm). Which route would you guys take?

rick, I'm returning to the M system after many years. The decision I just took three weeks ago was ordering a M10-M "Leitz Wetzlar" edition from B&H. Yes, the M11 is rumored for a November unveiling but the described upgrades didn't sound that compelling to me over a 10-R model. Also, camera/lens production in general has been severely disrupted by chip shortages, so when the M11 is actually available is an open question. In the meantime Summer and Fall will be gone.

For lenses I chose two, a Voigtlander 50/2.0 APO and a rare NIB 75/2.4 Summarit that punches well above its weight. A 35mm is to come when my budget allows. With those two lenses the M10-M Raws look better in resolution than my Sony A7R3 with Batis equivalents (40 & 85) and that is no mean feat.

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