I can’t find it

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Re: I can’t find it

Bob wrote:

I used to have an old ELPH with an optical viewfinder. The entire sub-compact camera category is virtually gone (replaced by phones).

I’m looking for a pocketable camera with a viewfinder for around $350. It has to have a viewfinder because it’s a requirement for the person who will use it.

Any advice will be appreciated!!

"I can't find it"


"Any advice will be appreciated!!"

Did you look in your pants?!

Yes, I'm trying to be funny. Maybe you were too. To avoid flippant answers such as mine, I respectfully suggest more specific titles for your future posts. Seriously. (And not only you but also anyone else the advice could also apply to). With the number of posts present on DPR forums, it's rather inefficient for readers to wonder whether a post might be of interest to them, or whether they have something useful to contribute, when the title contains little or no useful information.

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