A Brief Return to Film, Could Use Some Help

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Re: A Brief Return to Film, Could Use Some Help

DenWil wrote:

Use film as film. None, or very little, post adjustment expectation. Nail the exposure pre shutter press. If you do not want shadow area to be shadow area within the frame, light it up.

I meter off a grey card through the camera lens after I have framed and focused. That eliminates any errors from focus breathing, filters or lens variations which a hand held meter does not. The hand held is for emergencies or second opinion.

Currently I shoot with Provia 100/ 120 and Acros 100/ 120 - both rated at 84. My E-6 comes out within a quarter stop and the B&W comes out exact.


All good advice.  The problem for me is that I have taken thousands of shots with this camera back at the turn of the century and never had any exposure problems.  Pics looked like real life.  Tones were fine.  Sharpness good.  I did nothing in terms of processing as I had the film developed for me.  I think the exposure is pretty good on several of the shots yet the images still look cloudy to me.

I set the exposure as I have in the past but took shots with my dslr using the same settings to see if I was in the ballpark. I guess that is not a good way to check.  I have better pics taken when I was in my early teens.  I never spent so much time thinking about what I was doing when I shot film.   Loaded the film, changed settings based on what the meter read, took the pic.  Worked for a long time.  The only time I got this much grain was when I shot with higher iso film.

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