In hindsight very solid pocket camera still today

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In hindsight very solid pocket camera still today

I bought this second hand this year and I am truly impressed by it's performance considering that it was launched early 2011 and is only 12 mpix. Okay, it's a bit slow to focus compared to cameras these days but that's pretty much the only complaint I have, focusing itself works very well even in the full auto mode.

The low light performance even with handheld shots is very good, the OIS does very very good job. The 14x optical zoom works really well but again here the caveat is that the zoom is slow compared to more modern cameras.
Battery performance is really good if you turn off the GPS. You can still quite easily find replacment batteries for this camera and off brand batteries are cheap enough.
Overall I like the way Powershot camera range images look like from this era, they're very distinct in the way that colors are represented. I have no problem using this camera right now as my main Instagram camera when I need something better than my mobile phone's camera. Even though my phone is from last year and has many more megapixels on paper, SX230 outperforms that camera with no contest when it comes to casual everyday photography, especially requiring any zoom.

Sometimes you have to play with the settings though but most of the time program auto or aperture priority modes will give you quite good results. Even though the camera offers pretty limited basic set of extra features and shooting modes typical of the time, they're enough as I feel the camera produces best results with most settings left to default anyway.

In hindsight I would say Canon knew what they were doing with his camera as it stands the test of time very well.

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