Photography is fun again! Move from Canon 80D to Fuji XT4

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Re: Photography is fun again! Move from Canon 80D to Fuji XT4

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Hey all - just thought I'd share some quick positivity here :). I'm a beginner/hobbyist photographer and have always been into photography even way back when I was in highschool. I got into it from a photography course where we used regular ol' film DSLR's and self-developed our own images. It was super fun but after I left highschool I stopped taking pictures with an SLR and started taking them with my phone as most do.

Well, a few years ago I got a Canon 80D in anticipation for my first international trip to Italy. I loved being able to have a real camera that had so many lens options for travel purposes and I ended up using it on a few trips thereafter. After awhile, though, the weight and size got to me and I opted to take it with me to less and less places. That and I also didn't splurge on the nice lenses so my image quality I always felt was just "OK".

Well fast forward to today where I'm preparing for a trip to Africa and felt like I wanted to actually USE my camera gear again and not only for this trip but for consistent photography moving forward. I've always enjoyed Fuji colors and pictures I've seen here and have loved their size so when I found a fantastic deal on a used XT4 on this forum I decided to make the leap.

It's been a couple weeks since owning this camera (Just with the 18-55mm kit lens) and I'm absolutely blown away. I ended up watching a 2 hr YouTube video to really get a grip around how to use the features/functions of this little beast and I feel happier than ever taking pictures. Not only is it WAY easier to carry around/transport places, the photo quality is ASTOUNDING to me (Although I know some pros here may scoff at me saying that for a kit lens :)). Lastly, just using the thing is a joy. I never understood when people said they just enjoy using the Fuji system but now I 100% get it. The old-school dials, ease of menu system (relatively), system responsiveness, etc. is all top knotch. I know I'm in the honeymoon phase but am absolutely stoked that I made the leap.

Hope you're all having a great day!

Well, WTTC (welcome to the club). I made the move to Fuji 7-ish years ago after having been a Canonite (10D through 7D) for quite a few years. My experience with Fujifilm gear has been nearly across-the-board positive and I can't see any circumstances that might tempt me back to the DSLR world.

Not sure what kit you're planning to take to Africa, but have been there twice now, and I will assume that you'll be going on safari. If you're not planning to buy a long lens (the 100-400 would be your best bet IMHO), seriously consider renting one for the time you'll be there. I In addition to my X-H1 body with 100-400, I also rented a second identical body with a much shorter FL zoom (16-55) mounted for those opportunities where you need to quickly change to a much shorter focal length and would risk missing the opportunity by having to change lenses. Also, it can be a pretty dusty environment, and not the best place to be changing lenses on the fly. That strategy paid off more than once and I was able to grab some shots that otherwise would most certainly have been missed while I would have been futzing with camera trying to change lenses.

Glad you're enjoying you kit and I think you'll find it to be ideal for the photography you have planned. Please make sure to post some pics here on the forum once you get back.

Thank you very much! I appreciate the suggestion! I was planning on renting the 70-300 with the 1.4x teleconverter. I know it's a difficult lens to buy right now but looks like it's not as difficult to find for rental and I don't often take telephoto pictures so I didn't want to spend the $$ to buy. The main reason I am going for the 70-300 + teleconverter is the weight. We have a strict 33lb weight limit so I'm trying to be as smart with the weight as I can be across my gear/luggage that I'm bringing and this saves 2lbs + from going with the 100-400

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