1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

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Re: Losing features in 1Password

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Here is one option:


I don’t really understand why AgileBits would go to a subscription model right now. Perhaps it does make since for families as a way for one family “admin” person to keep everyone secure.

I don’t understand it either. I read 2 years ago Agilebits have accepted outside funding from Accel Partners. They had never gone that route prior to 2019.


Well, Agilebits has had subscriptions for a LONG time.

The change is that they are dropping perpetual licensing, and the company explained why in a long post linked in I think the second paragraph of the very first post here.

You draw your own conclusions after reading it yourself, but it's very much for the same reasons other software companies do it: consumers like it and hence it's more profitable for them.

I did not read the 1Password forum thread previously but I just did after you referenced it in your post. . .

It sounds like 1Password has once again not handled the end of "perpetual licenses" very well. It was "soshito's" posts that finally compelled Dave Teare to be honest with the customers who were venting their considerable frustration via the customer forum. Obviously I'm not the only long-time customer who is disappointed in the quality of AgileBits customer service.

It is debatable whether customers really prefer subscriptions because in reality they had little choice in the matter. Unless you were a current customer who prefers what I'll call "classic licenses" and you went to considerable lengths to find and purchase one, you probably would not even know that they are an option. . .

Even if you did know, the path of least resistance is going with the subscription license. If you download and install the free demo, it defaults to the subscription license.  You are required go through the process of setting up an account. If you wanted a classic license, the process for doing so is counterintuitive and difficult to accomplish, particularly if you are an average Joe or Jane computer user. I had to get assistance via the 1Password forum and I have over 25 years using Macs and have been a 1Password user since at least v. 3.

Let's be frank here: The primary reason for the inevitable death of classic licenses is the substantial increase in profitability for AgileBits.  The vague references to great new features made possible by subscription accounts should have been details about specific plans and they should have been proffered when the announcement about the licensing changes was made public.

If the company had upped its customer service game and handled it differently, there would not be so many disgruntled long-time customers. For example, if they had announced the 3-year 50% discount for perpetual license holders earlier, it would have likely softened the blow for some of the most vocal dissenters.  Now it looks like an attempt at damage control which comes too late to alleviate the general mood about how things have been handled.

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