Shots from the Past Two Days in East Iceland

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Re: Shots from the Past Two Days in East Iceland

Greg7579 wrote:

kparseg wrote:

Greg, great pictures. Can I ask if you could take some side-by-side comparison images using your 100s and Q2? Thank you.

I have done that 900 times. I always have the Q2 with me when I shoot those GFX shots. The GFX is on a monopod or tripod. I never hand hold. Then I swing the Q2 around and take the same shot hand held.

I have 1000 Q2 shots all hand held. But I have done zero post on them and will do so when I get home. It will take days of work because I have to title them all by comparing them to the GFX shots that I've already titled.

The Q2 shots are 28mm FF and the OIS is astounding. Better than GFX by two stops I think. Not sure. But it is better in that little camera. The Q2 has a lot more DOF than GFX. A lot more. I won't say how many stops because it upsets 4 people who I like.

Shooting with the GFX is a science. Shooting with the Q2 is like a snapshot. The Q2 image fidelity is astounding. The GFX image fidelity is on another Planet...

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

I understand the Q2's OIS doesn't play well above 1/60 sec. How is your experience with that Greg?

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