In Search of filter system: Kase, Nisi, Breakthrough Photography or PolarPro

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Re: In Search of filter system: Kase, Nisi, Breakthrough Photography or PolarPro

Bing Chow wrote:

Platographer wrote:

With all of that said, I just ordered the Freewell Magnetic ND Filter System because it will greatly reduce the space my ND filters take up and the time it takes me to set my filters up in the field. I have not used them yet, but I wish I bought them instead of the PolarPro Summit system, which is great, but bulky like any square filter system is. If you want magnetic filters, the Freewell system may be worth a try.

I just ordered Freewell's upcoming Magnetic Variable ND system on Indiegogo. It's got variable NDs, CPL, CPL + ND, mist and more. I wasn't looking for variable NDs specifically but I was looking to switch to a magnetic system. None of the existing offerings from Freewell, Kase, or K&F checked all of my boxes. Until this one...

Just thought I mention it in case the OP wants to take a look. I agree with the others that all the names the OP listed and in addition, Freewell, should not have an issue with sharpness reduction, even when stacking. As far as color cast goes, each brand will have their own slight tint. Easily correctable with software.

Yeah I'd consider them but I need something in the next few weeks for an upcoming trip, so these would automatically be off the table (they say they'll start shipping in September, which would be too late for me).

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