Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

BrentSchumer wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

BrentSchumer wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

Funny Valentine wrote:

Sony needs:

- in camera focus bracketing and stacking (RAW + JPEG)

- in camera picture profile bracketing (RAW + JPEG)

- in camera pixel shift high res shot (RAW + JPEG like Panasonic and Olympus)

- better IBIS (5.5 stops claims by Sony seem a bit unrealistic)

If Sony can fix these issues they will be truly industry leading.

Good thing most of these things are firmware fixes.

Bad news is the competition is Canon and Nikon, two of the most anti-innovation and anti progress photo companies around. Panasonic is leading in innovation, but they're too little of threat to push Sony to innovate.

I still miss the sweep panorama function. Would love an updated version that could just do a regular stitch panorama, output to a RAW file, and allow for full exposure control. Even if they made that a paid app.... I'd pay. A lot (in the context of an app). I have a few prints on my wall with the old sweep panorama app.

Oddly the RX cameras still get the panorama, but not the new FF bodies.

I can kind of understand the logic- RX is supposed to be able to do it all, so sweep panorama can act as a substitute for the UWA lenses they refuse to make for it. Sony would rather sell you a $x,xxx UWA for your ILC than a $xx.xx app. Despite the fact that an UWA lens makes very different pictures than a sweep panorama.

Eh, that sounds a bit conspiratorial.

It is

If I had to guess, Sony wanted to free up more memory recall spots on the slider and just killed panoramas instead of adding them as a custom button option, because Sony. They probably don't think that FF "pros" want in-camera panorama.

I don't believe it... they killed the time lapse app, then brought that back once enough people belly ached. $$$ wise it's probably more profitable for them to sell that app than deal with all the hassle and risk of physical devices. But I do think a sweep panorama app would hurt UWA lens sales. I def wouldn't buy a UWA lens if a suitable panorama app were available.

Plus the time lapse app didn't require a memory recall spot........ a panorama app wouldn't either.

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