A Brief Return to Film, Could Use Some Help

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A Brief Return to Film, Could Use Some Help

Warning:  lots of pics!

I recently took my film camera out for a little fresh air.  I wanted to see how its images would turn out these days.  I finished off an old roll and bought a fresh roll of basic Fuji 200.  I am not particularly happy with the results.  For several, I shot it alongside a dslr to help confirm exposure settings.  Yet a few seemed to have blown highlights.  Maybe not blown in some cases but without much highlight detail.  I was surprised by how much grain was in each shot.  I didn't think iso 200 film was that grainy and most were shot in plenty of light. The grain was consistent throughout the set.  The focus was off in several shots so user error but not something that happens too often shooting a dslr.  I will post several images below and welcome your thoughts.  I have plenty of pics from decades of film shooting that came out perfectly clear with the pics looking just like the scene.  I will start out with one of the worst:

Here is one of the best in terms of natural reproduction.  Looks like the D700 shot right below it.  I took pics of this scene with several different cameras to evaluate colors--not to make great images!

This is a kind of pic I take fairly often while doing my daily 10K steps around my neighborhood.  Pretty life-like.  Not very sharp with the grain seeming to cloud the image:

Here are a few of the landscape type:

Very bright, little highlight detail

Held the highlights, very little shadow detail.  With digital, I could recover much of the shadow detail.

A complete loss of contrast here though the starburst held up

My favorite shot:

Am I expecting too much?  Is it the old maxim that one out of hundred shots is a keeper?  Are these limitations of the specific film I used?  Am I messing up in some way?  Or, are these pics mostly pretty good?

Another test shot in which the N80 did pretty well:


Not bad:

With a D40:



The comparisons are not scientific being shot at different times.  Just for general comparison purposes.  I am probably most disappointed by the out of focus shots.  Not necessary to share them here.


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