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Before I show any scenic photos of my trip to Northern California, I think it's appropriate to show some pictures of wildfires and smoke.  You might have read about them.  When I was there a little more than a week ago, the fire season was just starting. I believe it's worse now.

Photo No. 1 - At a rest stop I saw these fires at timberline on Mt. Shasta.

Photo No. 2 - I think the fires were started by lightning.  Mt. Shasta is a little over 14,000 feet in elevation.  As you can see, there was still a little snow on top.

Photo No. 3 - Even when I got to Lake Tahoe, the skies were still smoky.  I was concerned that my trip would be ruined (as far as taking scenic photos), but fortunately the skies cleared some later.  Now, I think the smoke is a lot more.

Photo No. 4 - As I returned towards home I stopped at Susanville, CA.  The skies looked ominous.

Photo No. 5 - I tried to enjoy a nice little hike there, despite the smoke.

Photo No. 6 - I discovered that I took the wrong trail.  Another trail was better where it reached higher ground.

Photo No. 7 - But since it was so smoky....

Photo No. 8 - I just decided to take a few more photos and leave.

Photo No. 9 - Also returning home, driving somewhat near Mt. Lassen it didn't look good.

Photo No. 10 - I watched for information about driving through forest fires.  Where I traveled there was no danger.

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