How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

photonut2008 wrote:

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photonut2008 wrote:

Funny thing is that the place I see the most indifference or damning with slight praise is here, which to me says more about this place than it does about the quality or lack thereof of my photographs. Thus, my signature.

Consensus is the truth-teller.

Not really. Otherwise it would be static, but it often changes over time. For example, slavery used to be the norm.

The norm is for people not to respond with a reply at all.

If you post images and get an above-average number of positive responses that's a good sign your images are appealing. If you post images and get just a few responses that's another sign that should be read as the images are less appealing. If you post images and get a mixed reaction that's not a sign the images are appealing.

When someone responds with criticism I am much more interested in what they have to say than 5 people responding with 'nice". There are very few people who last here long that are just out to be negative on all critiques, so I see anyone taking the time to be critical or offer critical advice as 10 times more valuable as they are actually taking the time to look at your images with a critical eye.

I do pay attention, and I strive to improve based both on what others have to say, and more importantly (to me anyway) by reflecting on what I think of my photos after they have sat on my computer screen staring back at me for days on end.

In the end I think the whole idea of photography is to please ones self or whomever you intend to see the photo. However, I don't think that photography practiced well is so esoteric that most people just don't get it and are only interested in snapshots of their family and friends.

As for DPR, the site seems jaundiced to me. I see a surprising amount of praise of mediocre photos and indifference towards what I consider good ones (and not just mine). It might just be an aesthetic difference and it's just my uninformed eyes, and often I think the better photos tend to percolate to the top and the lesser ones to the bottom, but in-between those extremes I see a lot of inconsistency bordering on the absurd.

Can't totally disagree here. However, I see a great uniformity inside the first category (pictures that are obviously made to please the largest audience, but without any personal touch).
The in-between category is definitely the one that interests me the most. Sometimes, one can find some golden nuggets here, some originality.

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