What Are Your Voting Criteria?

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Re: What Are Your Voting Criteria?

REHS wrote:

Hello kaphinga,

So glad to see that you're interested in voting! I think I've learned more about photography from voting than any other single task, including utube videos. If you enjoy voting, and want to do it fairly, a voting system is very helpful. I like what you have developed, and that you are asking for additional example methods is awesome! I Here's mine:

3 points if it meets the challenge criteria.

Then I look at look at subject, composition, light, color, detail, and post processing effectiveness. Depending on how the image meets that evaluation, anywhere from .5 to 1.5 points are added. I save the last .5 for the one or two images that nailed the challenge criteria, mastered my skill criteria, and then have a great "WOW" factor.

For those that didn't meet the challenge criteria, they start of at 2.5, and then get .5 points taken away based on image quality and by how much they missed the challenge criteria.

Please remember, that part of the overall criteria is that all images are supposed to be anonymous, so watermarks and similar identifying marks get dinged a point, Advertising, and self promotions in the image description are also dinged.

Also, please understand that how you view each image can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your evaluation. Many great challenges may consist of over 100 entries. In those challenges, I usually do three separate screenings. The first is done in slideshow mode, and a "2, 3, or 4" determination is made. The next screening is where skill and image quality are analyzed and rated, the last screening is used to assure all are ranked in a 'best to worst' order. These last two are done in full screen mode. I have discovered that DPR's downsizing program removes data. I mean that an image viewed as a thumbnail may be soft, the standard view is a little better, slideshow image may have soft corners and edges, but the full screen mode will be tact sharp.

Thank you very much. Finally somebody else conforms similar observatios I have made, but which nobody else has really commented on or confirmed.

BTW, some of the thumbnail pictures are sharp, whereas the full format is ether sharp or sometimes unsharp.


However, using the full screen mode can be time consuming, since you can't move from image to image in that mode, and you can't go from slideshow mode to full screen either. That's why I use slideshow for initial screening and then standard and full screen mode for the real detailed evaluation.

And finally, after the challenge is over, compare your rankings to the final results, look to see why your ranking is different. Get to know some of the real skillful members here and discuss your results with them. I use voting more as a learning tool, and rely on trusted members for personal feedback on the images that I've submitted.

I hope this long-winded description is helpful, and please feel free to PM anytime you would like to discuss anything regarding this site and/or photography.


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