PetaPixel K-3 Mark III Review

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Re: PetaPixel K-3 Mark III Review

John is right.

A lot of tests try to create something repeatable but take the meaning out of it.

I might go and test tracking approaching or retreating objects by standing on a road bridge where heavy trucks pass below driving on their speed limiters. I can pick up a truck at a given distance and see how well the camera/lens combo tracks something doing 90KM/h (even in England where it is "56MPH", the limiter is actually 90 Ks). Anyone else can repeat this test fairly easily.  A good test then ? Not really

What about subjects not travelling at constant speed - children or footballers ? Or not travelling directly at the camera. Or very close to the camera moving quite slowly (bees). Or distant and going [very] fast (wildlife, racing cars).  Is the task representative?

Do we put the camera on "Green" or select the central AF point and ensure that point is locked on the target ? (The latter is how I shoot racing cars). Because if the choice of technique and the skill of the tester with that technique skews the results, what's the test worth?

Shooting with the 50-300 PLM or the 77 Limited might lead you to think totally different things about the AF, so are we testing the thing we think we're testing  ? (the body)

I posted some racing car shots a few days ago, shot with the 18-250 on a K5-iiS, they prove that I can get an acceptable number (to me) of acceptable quality (to me) shots of F1 cars, at the corners I shot from, with my way of shooting.  Generalizing from a test result can produce a nonsense  I have not "proved" that everyone can get good enough shots (for them) with their way of shooting their chosen content, using that lens (which isn't the best for the task) on an 8 year old camera. Likewise one can't extrapolate that a camera/lens that fails in another test will fail in real world scenarios.

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