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Re: (1) UN-ethical (2) Unfair to whom? . . . but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

BrownieVet wrote:

Flavil wrote:

BrownieVet wrote:

it says the cameras should be a minimum of 16MP, anything above 16MP is also fine.

That is NOT what your original post had. Read your post again.

It's called a mistake. It's shocking that so many of you couldn't recognize that split seconds after reading it. It's common sense and utterly obvious 16+ was rule.

Not to mention it was cleared up 3 dozen times since.

I read at least 20 post before creating and posting my reply to the OP.
The OP refused to acknowledge "his" possible error as pointed out by many.

He corrected this in his third post.

"I emailed the organizers, they said that the stipulation is to make sure the quality doesn't get affected. They also said that its 16 or more MP, anything less won't do it."


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