My PC keeps powering off?..wont stay on

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Re: My PC keeps powering off?..wont stay on

bmoag wrote:

Power and heat are the two main culprits that do what you see. It helps to unplug all USB peripherals except keyboard and mouse, and those should be tried on a different port.

I see. I did rrmove all peripherals.

Even SSD drive. Finally even HDMI for monitor.


Cleaned recently. PC is laid down on table with cover off.

Assuming the second power supply was working properly, a big if,

It does I hooked up older PC ( very similar, same brand/ type.) I am using that Power supply works fine.

look at cooling starting with whatever is cooling the CPU itself. If its an air cooler and the fan is working then cleaning the CPU with alcohol and repasting may fix the issue.

Cleaning re applying thermal paste is next attempt...once the paste gets here.

If the fan is not working the unit would have to be replaced with whatever is HP compatible (if the motherboard is proprietary and not standard ATX you can't use an off the shelf cooler).

Fan works ..CPU and case fans all seem to work

If using an AIO water cooler, not likely in an HP, the AIO is dead even if you hear the pump.

Basic no water cooling.

Failing RAM can cause the problem as can a failing drive for electrical reasons, particularly a hard drive. It does not have to be the system drive. Unplug all but the system drive, although that could be the culprit too. If you have a second PC you can test the drives with a USB adapter.

Removed all but one RAM chip. Well.all at blow out with air.

Tried other RAM...but beeping sounds once that RAM not comparable.

Reseating the RAM can sometimes help or testing the sticks one by one. Try the second pair of slots.

I am assuming integrated graphics as a near-dead GPU will do what you see.

Had a Graphics card I removed it.

For this test didnt really need to see within a minute PC shuts off.

If you have an external GPU take it out and see if the system works with the iGPU.

No change with or without GPU.

Otherwise how much to invest in repairing the system, assumed also to be out of warranty, is up to you. You can see what a local repair shop would charge to look at it.

Might just buy another PC....but still want to see what is up with this one.

Hoping the thermal paste and cleaning CPU will.solve this.

Thanks for your input

Stay healthy


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