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Re: Arctic beauty

While I do think Olympus has a head-start and has been innovative in computational imaging (HHHR, Pixel-shift, live-composite...), and they deserve credit for driving this,  others are rapidly catching up.

On the other hand, many of the bigger innovations that we enjoy today started with other camera companies and they should get their due

Minolta awas the first with IBIS in 2003, followed by Pentax in 2006

Sony popularized the EVF with their SLT line, pre-mirrorless

Panasonic designed the first ILC 'mirrorless' camera, the G1... Our friends in the Rangefinder community would point out that the Leica M8 and Epson RD1 were digital mirrorless cameras that preceded the G1 by 5 years in the case of the Epson.

Certainly Olympus was not the driver behind CDAF or PDAF, nor OIS, LCD screens for live view, making flippy/tilting screens

The cameras we enjoy today are the culmination of internal innovation and adopting of good ideas from others.

Saying Olympus is out-innovating the others is hard to agree with when facts are used to support the arguments. I am sure that those on the Sony forum think that Sony is out innovating Olympus and so on, after all Olympus uses Sony sensors and there is no debate that these have dramatically improved over time due to innovation (BSI...) from Sony

All of these imaging companies spend millions on RD and they do so to innovate in areas that allow them to differentiate themselves, so they have to pick their spots wrt what they focus on.

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