Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

joger wrote:

BrentSchumer wrote:

This is just one of those persistent Sony blind spots.

Judging by other blind spots like touch LCDs we can expect focus bracketing in 2027 with in-camera focus stacking in 2032. Meanwhile other brands will have added temporal bracketing by sending the camera backwards and forwards in time to grab the same scene every hour between sunrise and sunset instantly.

yes - and their image quality will still be 2nd best 🤣

For me it's all about image quality of the sensor and the lenses - everything else is nice to have and of course welcome - I have no issues with tons of more complicated menus where I hardly can find anything important or being blocked while installing the firmware in an unnecessary cumbersome process.

My reasons for buying Sony equipment is purely driven by the achievable image quality.

You get the by far best lenses and even more so best sensors at this point in time from Sony and this might continue for a while.

Combined with the smallest ML FF mount an unbeatable combination.

All else is nice to have for me and of course welcome whenever we get new features - but it's not a decision factor of any kind.

I can work around many topics but the RAW image quality itself.

I agree with you and my top three priorities are:

* Best possible following/tracking autofocus, since if it isn't in focus it doesn't matter how sharp the lens can be. I therefor want modern native glass, preferably with linear motors. No fiddling around with adapters and vintage autofocus DSRL glass other than in a rare special case if absolutely needed due to needing a special lens.

* The best possible sensor quality like in low noise, high DR and good gradients on grey scales and colors.

* Low weight, since otherwise the stuff will just stay at home and there it won't make any images at all.

And after that the rest of the points that matter to me comes.

For a long time there have been no real competition on the top three level on my list, Sony was the clear winner and for a long time the only candidate.

But things change. A quick summary of how I judge the other competing systems today:

Autofocus: Canon R now at the same level as Sony, even better in some cases it seems. Nikon, Panasonic, Leica and Sigma are after on autofocus. Native lenses are obviously still not as many on the other systems as on Sony. Of the others Canon is the one with the most interesting lenses and also has the highest pace to get new lenses out I think.

Sensor: Nikon are in general at the same level as Sony, which isn't strange since they often use Sony for the sensors, either special designs or off the shelf ones. The Z6 uses the A7III sensor or a variant of it. Canon has been behind but the R5/6 is a great lift up but still not fully at Sony levels according to DXOmark but close. Panasonic and Leica uses much the same sensors between them on the L-mount bodys, the hires bodys uses a non Sony sensor but it seems good, sharing the 1st place with Sony at DXOmark and the 24 Mpix bodys they have uses the A7III sensor from Sony or a variant of it. And finally Sigma also uses Sony for FF sensors, the A7III one and the A7RIV one or variants of them in the fp and fp L.

Weight: The other systems have not really focused on making light gear sofar except in some separate cases like the Canon 70-200/2.8, but I think we can see a shift in recent times where all of them seems to have understood that it is a design parameter to strive for. So they can very well catch up and many of Sonys older lenses are big and heavy like the 70-200/2.8 GM due for an update to be competitive at todays weight level which means that one has to rebuy it if one wants to get the weight down once the new version is out (and that is an opening as well to maybe change system if one have to rebuy a lens anyway).

So the playing field is leveling out on the top prio items on my list and that makes that the things lower down on the list will be what separates the systems and there Sony in many cases in my book gets fairly low points. Making a system switch more likely in a not so distant future unless Sony picks up. We know they can, they went from okey lenses (and even rather heavy during a period) to fantastic top level and light ones. So hope is not lost for their bodys, maybe they wake up on that area as well and starts to catch up.

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