X100V or Fujicrons?

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X100V or Fujicrons?

If you already had an ILC body, what would you rather own—an X100V, or a set of Fujicrons?

I have an X-Pro3 and an X100V. (I used an X100F for years, then upgraded to the V, then bought the X-Pro when I decided that I wanted to try different lenses.) I like the X100V a lot—but I can't help noticing that I could do a nearly cash-neutral trade-in for a subset of the Fujicron lenses. I couldn't afford to buy all of the Fujicrons, but, if I shopped used, I could probably manage to pick up three of them—say 16 2.8, 23 2, and 50 2—without spending hardly anything extra. I already own the 27 2.8, so I'd end up with a killer collection of smaller, WR lenses for my ILC.

Right now, the X100V is my lighter alternative to my X-Pro3 and heavier, faster primes. It's nice to leave the house with such a lightweight, jacket-pocketable camera, and I often use the X100V for social outings or long hikes. On the other hand, if I made this trade, I'd be gaining a lightweight, pocketable system of lenses. Instead of leaving the house with a fixed 23mm, I could carry the 27 along with the 16 or 50. This would be a big gain in terms of flexibility.

I'm not entirely sure what I'd miss from owning the X100V. I don't use flash; I can switch to electronic shutter when I want to photograph in silence; and I like 40mm-equivalent as an FOV for the reasons laid out in this excellent article, "Why 40mm?" In terms of handling and vibe, I find the X-Pro3 / 27 similar to X100V, and in some ways even superior. It still fits in a (slightly larger) jacket pocket.

If I were rebuilding my system from scratch, I doubt that I would've ended up with both of these cameras simultaneously. Had I known how similar the X-Pro3 / 27 and X100V could be, I probably would've traded in the X100V at the time that I purchased the X-Pro. I've kept using the X100V because I like it. But, when I look at what I could gain by trading in, it seems like all the rational arguments are in favor of doing it.

Would you make the trade, if you were me?

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Trade the X100V for the Fujicrons!
36.8% 14  votes
Keep the X100V and enjoy its magical properties.
63.2% 24  votes
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