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I have a Sony a77 with a Sony 18-135 lens. I just tried out focus peaking with manual focus. Peaking lights up red where the image is supposedly in focus, I snap the photo, then preview the image and the image is not in focus at all. I switch back to autofocus, and the focus is sharp. What could cause this? The same focusing system is responsible for alerting on focus peaking and on auto focus. Why in the world am I getting different results between the two?

The A77 is one of Sony's SLT cameras that uses a completely separate PDAF module just like DSLRs. The MF focus-peaking system finds areas of high contrast on the LCD/EVF display and highlights them in color - it's sort of a human-powered CDAF system.

You can use the menu and select from High, Medium, Low levels of focus-peaking to accommodate different lighting conditions. I'll usually use Low for harsh sunny outdoor lighting. Just a few pixels are highlighted but I know they are the sharpest ones in the entire frame.

Yes, Low sensitivity is the most accurate. I find that Yellow is the best colour.

The High sensitivity setting shows almost everything to be in focus.

Don Cox

Absolutely agree w/ low-sensitivity (and yellow).

And remember the ONLY sharpest distance is in the "middle" of highlighted area, (so narrow is better).

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