Shooting high ISO vs underexposing and lifting in post question

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Re: High ISO comparison - what do these examples show?

Iliah Borg wrote:

Slaginfected wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

alanr0 wrote:

As J A C S pointed out, the deepest shadows of the A7s images are much darker,

ILCE-7SM3 has its ISO calibrated differently from ILCE-9, too.

Now, we can somewhat correct the A9 image by pulling things down

Responsivity differences corrected after the exposure has ended bring a lot of uncertainty, especially when being combined with non-linear raw conversion, like Adobe converters perform by default.

Such comparison of processed JPEGs isn't something I would rely upon when comparing cameras and sensors.

The problem is people working with files, seeing differences, stumbling over DR diagrams and then wondering why they show different results than they experienced. That question is stated for example somewhere in the DPR forums and then a longwinded discussion starts.

I would expect something along the lines "yes, there are these differences when processing, because what happens is X-Y-Z-whatever". But usually it is "you are wrong what you are seeing, DR diagrams are correct, blablabla". Or it pretty much ends up with that, even if written differently. *THAT* is the problem.

And I honestly don't understand why.

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