Used to Portrait photography and want to enter in the birdwatching world

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Re: Used to Portrait photography and want to enter in the birdwatching world

What is your budget ...

If you still want to do portraits I would suggest FF (used if on a low-budget).

But bird-watching lenses can get (very) expensive on FF (or even DX/APS).

The smallest-sensor Interchangeable-Lens-Cameras (ILC's), are m4/3 so lenses will have a 2X crop (for longer TELE). Their inherent DOF is not as shallow but faster prime-lenses are available at higher cost.

But a "bridge" camera can offer the speed & convenience of continuous-zoom that is wider/longer/faster than typical "kit" lenses.

The longest-economical TELE is via "bridge" camera, and the longest are Nikon P950/1000 (24mm to 2000/3000mm-EFL respectfully). But would not recommend it for portraits.

A compromise (bridge) could be Sony RX10-IV with 24mm to 600mm-EFL @ f/2.4-4. It has a unique ("stacked") sensor that is capable of (PD) "Continuous"-AutoFocus @ 25fps and only a 39ms shutter-lag. This could be a good "birding/wildlife" camera.

It could be used for portraits with a Post-Processing program like EXPOSURE-X6/BOKEH to simulate (shallow) DOF.

The RX10-IV is $1700 new (and not much cheaper used).

The best "value" bridge is Panasonic-Lumix FZ1000-ii @ $800, but with a shorter 25-400mm-EFL lens.

It has a Fully-Articulating rear-LCD (FA-LCD), and "leaf" shutter that can allow SUN-light fill-flash up to 20' w/built-in flash. (Both features can dramatically increase your shooting position/opportunities.)

NOTE: The FA-LCD can be reversed for selfies, and PROTECT the LCD from scratches when carrying.

The (new) FZ1000-"II" has both "Post-Stacking Focus", (for deeper DOF), and "Pre-Capture" for catching the "peak"-of-action AFTER the "peak".

(Note: used original FZ1000's are available <$500.)

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