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Let's turn it around...

I am not sure using a semi transparent mirror to use sensor AF would function without problems... Putting a piece of relative thick glass 45° in the light beam results in a slightly different projection compared with the mirror slapped up. So how more precise will that be than the conventional calibrated methodology with a second mirror and AF sensors. In your suggested solution the sensor collects far less light than a pure MILC collects what will be a disadvantage also for AF sensitivity. Most light will be transported to the optical viewfinder, if not, the advantage of the "bright" viewfinder in the K3iii disappears.

And let's turn it around. In case no DSLR's existed but just MILC, should it be realistic to assume a camera brand would developed a DSLR to solve problems of a MILC? I don't think so...

In 2006 I bought the Sony R1, the very first non-DSLR 10 MP APS-C camera using a EVF and  a articulating screen. Now 15 years later I still use that camera and it still works fine. Sony combined that innovation with the now how take over from Konica Minolta what resulted in their line of MILC's. Sony's strategy from R&D- and commercial point of view has been extremely succeful so far.

Nevertheless I think the K3iii is a great camera for K-mount users and the lifeline for Pentax is that zillion K-mount lenses sold over near 50 years now. They have to produce attractive cameras that support that mount, and they really do so far, but at low frequencies. I really hope there will be more successors to come for APS-C, FF and 645.

Holding that lifeline in the future, for sure I can imagine once there will be a K-mount MILC, despite the recent stated Pentax strategy to stay in DSLR. In case there will be a Sony/Nicon/Canon/Fuji-like MILC with K-mount I would not hesitate to buy one.

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