When do use tripods?

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Re: When do use tripods?

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With the recent posts and tests of tripods by dpreview, I noticed that many landscape photographers seem to always use tripods. I do not have much experience with landscape photography, so I was wondering, are there any advantages for the image quality, even if I use relatively short shutter times? Or is it really just that landscape photographers use long exposures that often, that they always carry a tripod?

I use a tripod more for precision than anything else. It's when I need to concentrate on very precise framing, focus, metering, etc. There is a good chance, it will be 100% manual with minor tweaks from shot to shot. I don't want anything to change in framing while waiting for a cloud to drift into position or the light to change. You can frame at heights you wouldn't normally do hand-held and keep the camera level in every axis.

With a tripod, you can't make excuses for the gear. Any mistakes are you.

With nature landscapes, you'll probably be more selective with the scenes, and the tripod will force you to slow down and take your time. Even using a monopod, I get the sense I could do better with a tripod. It has little to do with shutter speed. It has more to do with precision.

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