When do use tripods?

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Re: When do use tripods?

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With the recent posts and tests of tripods by dpreview, I noticed that many landscape photographers seem to always use tripods. I do not have much experience with landscape photography, so I was wondering, are there any advantages for the image quality, even if I use relatively short shutter times? Or is it really just that landscape photographers use long exposures that often, that they always carry a tripod?

Using a tripod frees you from having to compromise on the shutter speed or ISO in order to achieve the exposure you want at the aperture you want. You can shoot at base ISO for optimum image quality while using an aperture that gives you the optimum depth of field or for optimum performance of a given lens no matter what the light levels are.

Without a tripod, in lower light levels, you usually have to compromise either ISO or aperture in order to obtain a fast enough shutter speed for hand held sharpness.

Also, tripod use lets you be more precise in framing your subject and to maintain that exact framing across multiple frames.

In pursuit of ultimate image quality it also lets you minimize vibration by using remote or delayed shutter release, mirror lock up and electronic first curtain shutter.

Bottom line is that using a tripod eliminates the need to compromise other factors in order to achieve an adequate shutter speed for hand held shooting.


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