Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

dan_darkroom wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote:

It really should cost Sony almost nothing to add this via firmware.

If they had people who could do it. But as we know, Sony and software....

But they could professional freelance code writers. It's not that expensive (they could even do crowdfunding if money is an issue) - but then they can create a marketing campaign, Sony X + Sony FE Macro lens

But who knows, maybe they keep their options artificially limited not to p*ss off their other sensor customers?

Sony sold 1.65 million mirrorless in 2019 and a little less in the unusual 2020 Corona stricken year so lets use the 2019 numbers.

If they take 1 dollar per sold body and put that into hiring software developers they get 1.65 millions dollar per year to spend on that.

If we say that each person with salary, social costs like pension payment, employer tax, workspace cost (floor space, desk, computer, mobile etc) and that persons share of management cost and HR cost I'd say we land at 165 000 USD per person (at least if we where sitting in Sweden or other European country this would do it fine). That gives us 10 people that actually produces code.

Since I work in a developers group of about that size I know what one can achieve in a year. Now, the Sony environment isn't like MS Azure etc that we use.

From what I know the bodys use a one file stripped down Linux OS as the base to drive the body. The older 1st and 2nd gen bodys contained also another stripped down Android OS (which also is a Linux variant) to run the apps but that is not implemented in the 3d gen and up so those only have the Linux base OS. I haven't found any info if there has been any changes on this due to the new Bionz XR and the new menu system.

Anyway, coding for these tight environments are trickier than when you have powerful servers so that can off course slow their output down. It is a little like going back to the early days of programming when the hardware resources always were a constraint.

But still 10 people can achieve a lot in a year. And if Sony only wants to catch up on their software side they could get these people in as consultants. The cost will be higher for them though to get that flexibility with ending their contract after x-time so either more money is needed or they get fewer people and have to run the catch up campaign for two years or so instead until the backlog is cleared.

And these people can be stationed anywhere in the world, especially in the it/software community it is usual to work in virtual teams (we do and I have colleagues in different countries that I have never met in person and only seen in "Zoom" meetings).

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