Suggested feature to fix focus shift

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Re: Suggested feature to fix focus shift

But Canon lens' firmware can be updated, through the camera, in a similar manner to updating the camera firmware.

As PAntunes says, stopped down focussing avoids focus shift if the spherical aberration correction isn't very good.  It does slow things up a bit and it's not as precise if the lens doesn't suffer from focus shift.  The match-triangles manual focus aid can work stopped down seven stops, depending on the lens, distance and subject contrast, though it can struggle stopped down only four stops with a low contrast subject.  That's usually ok though, as the worst case for focus shift is about two stops down; more than that and the depth of field should be big enough to cover the focus shift.  Focus shift was less of a problem with classical SLR prime lenses which were usually designed to be focussed at full aperture and stopped down at least a couple of stops.

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