Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

AlephNull wrote:

I am convinced that Sony does have people looking at what is desired, because I cannot explain the A1 any other way. The A1 was a new project that I suspect was kindled by lots of people saying “I wish I had the resolution of the A7R series combined with the speed of the A9 series”, then stoked to a blaze by talking to photographers using those two series. Probably a bunch of press photographers (like AAP), but others, too. I do not think Sony was surprised by the number of older hobbyist photographers queuing up to buy the A1.

The A1 was no accident. It has been reported that it was a lengthy development process, and I am sure there was a very long list of features that were considered for inclusion because it was a “how much new functionality can we put in this?” model with a higher target price. I also suspect each feature was tagged with, amongst other things, the cost to implement it, and how many people would want it, and how risky the development would be. Some were features already implemented in other cameras, so they would be comparatively cheap and safe to include (I would image pixel shift shooting was one of those). Others would be enhancements to existing features (like bird eye AF), which might cost to implement (training the AI with bird images, for example) but would be popular with a lot of people (they know there are a lot of bird shooters out there). Yet other features might be quite new (like focus bracketing), perhaps with new development required (such as how to drive the focus in small consistent steps on a wide range of lenses - not the same as focusing on a specific object), and the obvious question that would arise is “how many people would want to pay for this?”. If the cost estimate was high, and the risk looked high, and the estimated number of people willing to pay for it was comparatively low, I can see it being culled from the list. I am sure a great many features were culled, not just this one.

I am not talking from any inside knowledge of Sony’s internal processes.

I see it slightly differently. Sony cameras are and each model becomes what their sensors can do at that point in time. They are very sensor tech driven. The box around the sensor hasn't changed much since the very first A7 neither in layout nor functions. Sure a small add on there or here and fix here and there but in general they develop in a far lower pace than the rest of the market travels in and this is a future danger since others catch up.

In 2015 Sony made the 42 Mpix sensor that sits in the A7RII, it was the worlds first BSI FF sensor. Since then not much has happened with image quality.

The stacked sensor in the A9 from 2017 was also a FF first. It enabled good and fast autofocus and speed for shooting high fps, speed on the e-shutter readout and speed on the live view fps.

The current development in sensors are not on image quality but on stacking them and that enables speed.

The A1 is just the next logical step. More speed. In combination with the new Bionz XR that higher sensor speed also enabled a higher internal bandwidth so they could use a higher megapixel sensor and still get higher speed than on the A9.

And they placed it in the usual body box. No real development there. They even didn't care to add pre capture which a camera like this would benefit a lot from nor any other functions that have been requested for years. They did however put their hand into the request hat once and pull one feature out to be implemented and on that piece of paper it said "Bird AF". A little unusual for Sony is that it is not working as well as Canons implementation seems to do and that on Sonys old core master area: autofocus.

What is next? More speed on the sensors. What can that translate to in new bodys?

My guess:

A 30 fps about 24 Mpix A9III with no mechanical shutter at all. Stacked sensor with really high e-shutter read out that also works with flash.

Also an A7RV with 100 Mpix at 10 fps. No stacking, just BSI so slow e-shutter and the usual regular 10 fps mech shutter, maybe without a mechanical front curtain (that has been popular lately neither the A7C nor A1 has a front curtain) so only EFCS.

Both poured into the regular known bodys with one upgrade on the ergonomics and one upgrade of the functions. Maybe focus bracketing, maybe something else.

If people want this functionality, they need to be telling Sony that. Email that “Sony listens” email address, talk to Sony’s ambassadors. Raise Sony’s assessment of the number of people who would be willing to pay for this. Sitting in a corner muttering “it’s not fair” won’t help. Complaining on here probably does little to help, too. Heck, if a particular system does this feature well, then buy it! Convince Sony that people are willing to pay for it by paying for it! If you aren’t willing to pay for it, then maybe you should stop complaining… (no, that argument didn’t convince me to stop asking for lossless compressed RAW, either )


I have done that for six years since I started with Sony. I have written a lot of comments on forums, both here and FredMiranda. I have direct message to journalists and reviewers and Sony Artisans in all different ways, I have put comments on Youtube videos where I know the person is in contact with Sony. I have written comments on small Facebook groups that are driven by Artisans. I have answered Sony survey and written extra comments in the open section of them and I have given input at Sony Kendo and Alpha Universe events to Sony represents and also their Pro support people.

If you can come up with a better way to get through to the R&D department, since I obviously haven't, then let me know.

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