Terry Richardson style with Sigma cameras

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Re: Terry Richardson style with Sigma cameras


Roger wrote:

Ok, so I looked up this guy and I see he has been ban from a few publications so you may want to modify his/your style unless you want to be view as a perv and get ban yourself.

He did not get banned from some publications because he is regarded as being a "perv" (*) but because in the wake of the "MeToo" movement there have been accusations of sexual abuse by several of his models against him. He claims that all these contacts have been consensual and so far there have been no court cases or convictions yet (as far as I know), so legally he is an innocent citizen (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_Richardson )

To sum it up: He was is not banned for his photography but because of possible misconduct against his models. His photographic and cinematographic style is still highly regarded.

Regarding the original question: Personally I would rather do my own thing than imitate other person's styles, but I much prefer his way to do portraits over that of most other photographers. Especially those "soft" and "pretty" portraits that one gets shown most of the time are not worth being taken in the first place in my opinion.



(*) If you look at the history of art (every kind of art, not just photography) a vast majority of the most highly regarded artists were considered "perv" at one time or the other by their contemporaries. Therefore artits must never listen to what the ignorant crowds have to say about them

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