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After months of deliberation and watching and reading reviews of both cameras, I went with the S5. Why?

  • smaller size and lower weight, like the G9 I'm used to
  • two SD card slots, no need to buy an expensive XQD card or rely on just one SD card slot
  • improved autofocus, especially for people
  • fully articulating screen, good for angled shooting and video interviews
  • battery is backwards compatible with the G9 and GH cameras, S1 is not
  • no need to buy V-Log upgrade package as all high end video codecs already built in
  • lower price than S1
  • same image quality as the S1 in stills and video

Things the S1 has over the S5:

  • 11fps burst vs 7fps burst - I shoot action with the G9 at 10fps, and much slower cameras, and the high burst rate results in a lot more pictures, making it a longer process to find the right moment
  • flip screen is in line with the camera body - this is neither here nor there for me
  • much bigger and higher resolution EVF - I'm used to shooting with lower res EVF's and the S5's is fine
  • heavier body and slightly better IBIS - I shoot a lot of handheld video, but I often use the shoulder strap to help stabilize the camera anyway
  • longer battery life - nothing that a second battery doesn't solve
  • LCD top panel - to be honest, I love this in the G9, and I would have liked this in the S5
  • more buttons on the back and front - I'm very used to the multitude of customizable function buttons on the G9, and going to the S5 was a slight adjustment. It's still very useable, though
  • thicker and better grip - this is another issue I've found with the handling of the S5. Full frame cameras will usually involve lenses much heavier than their m43 counterparts, and the G9's grip is the best I've felt in any camera including the Canon 5D Mark II, Panasonic GH4 and others. The S5's grip is noticeably smaller and thinner than the G9's, and I will probably get a battery grip to make it handle better.
  • full resolution 5.9k video - I don't have much use for that resolution, so it's a moot point

After reading all that I’m staggered you didn’t go with the S1, you pointed out all the huge advantages yourself here. And they’re basically the same price.

I see where you're coming from, so let me explain a bit better.

Light weight and small size is very important to me, especially for a camera that I might carry for a day of shooting, or on a job that requires me to carry two bodies at least. The S1 is just over a kilo with battery, 200g heavier than the 5D Mark II, which I gladly stopped carrying on personal shoots after I got smaller, lighter cameras. While I used to have the 5D + 24-105L and 35L in a bag most days, I couldn't go back to it after using cameras like the Olympus E-M5 and Leica M9.

The use of two SD card slots is also important. On a job, I might be in the middle of an athletic event without the ability to change the card until after the match is over.

I wasn't aware of the S5's grip until I bought it. That's probably the worst thing difference between the S5 and S1. I much prefer the grip of the G9, which is similar to the S1.

The price difference is considerable in Australia. The S5 body alone retails for around AUD $3200, street price of $2800 right now. The S1 retails for $3700 with a usual street price of $3200. I was able to get my S5 with 20-60mm for $2600. And buying a S1 would mean having to buy a XQD card which is at least $220 over here, as well as the v-log upgrade for another $300.

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