First job using drone

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Re: First job using drone

Sagittarius wrote:

Dericali wrote:

Sagittarius wrote:

Past weekend I did my first RE shooting including the use of my drone. For the first time I flew my drone at 400'. You can barely see it if at all. RTH feature worked very good and landed it very precisely.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Two main issues: in many of the images, the subject is not in the centre of the frame.

Not nececerally.

Additionally, for the angled shots of a structure, it's usually preferable to show the horizon line, unless you are intending to highlight a specific detail.

If you can see one.

Perhaps I was not clear -  normally it works best to include the horizon line or the sky in a photo of a building, as it looks more natural. Can share some examples if you like.

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