Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

AlephNull wrote:

fferreres wrote:

I think the next threshold of performance will be footage for VR movies. Not sure what systems will be used, but there's not reason to not push the envelope and be immersed in holographic like interactive pictures.

The problem with photography is there's isn't any problem. Cameras from 10 years ago make amazing pictures, and lenses from 90-100 years ago, while slower, accomplish a very high level of image quality.

Of course those ten year old cameras don’t have eye AF, or all those other features that we cannot do without, so it is obvious that we must upgrade all the time.

Nor IBIS. But I am speaking from an experience perspective. Like you no longer need an expert taxi driver in London for most things, you need less of genius in sport or photojournalism or wedding photography. yes, it still requires skill, especially for well paid assignments, but if you send one person with 5D to visit a country, and someone with an A1 to another, give them a month to roam and document what they like, I am not sure the viewer would object to any of the albums, or notice much difference. The experience of photos was....we had great photos back then, and great photos now. Some also love film scans, high quality, or larger formats, so you can go back in time. The point is photography captures a moment, and video a living moving, and what lies ahead is capturing the light in ways that are more immersive and mesmerizing, more holistic.

This is just a guess or my take. I posted this though, because while I think it'd be nice if Sony added focus stacking, I think the biggest opportunity is to innovate the viewer experience. We have all this compute power, all this new display devices like VR. I often watch stereo images made handheld by some prolific members in the Adapted Lens forum, you can see the stereo properties and even see the bokeh having depth, in 3D. My children like when I take some pictures. I show them in the LCD or the camera, but they refuse and want to see through the EVF, which somehow provides a different level of saturation, maybe by blocking all rays and reflections, they are plain uninterested in the LCD or small monitor. I show them in the computer, and they ask if they can see it in the camera. I showed them some old cameras that have waist level finder, and they love playing with it. The images look in 3D there of course, as they are more a replica of what the scene is, in miniature and through the work of the lens. They also love VR, but it's all computed.

No scene is real. Of course, stereo is very basic, around with us for maybe 200 or 250 years. But imagine a scene that's like "the matrix" with Trinity, that kind of experience. I think people would crave for new experiences. Drones offered a novel very rare vantage point, and without the camera, they may not have prospered that much. I think specialized imaging equipment and current compute and the power of VR will bring new experience, will need new cameras and processing, and can lift to a new level of joy for the moments we care about.

Anyone else feeling GAS pains?

If we've seen mostly every thing, we can devise new ways to see the everyday moments and awesome places. I don't think new cameras can change the experience, they mostly make more detail and make shots easier to do. That's great, but a boom like we saw from 2000 to 2012 may come back, but high end cameras must be used for seeing things differently.

One risk is that mobile phones may do this sooner than dedicated cameras, because at least for consumer experiences, the phones have the processing and longer lasting batteries. But if so, great, higher quality ones would follow from dedicated cameras.

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