FTZ adapters other than Nikon's?

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Re: FTZ adapters other than Nikon's?

RafaelD7 wrote:

I was shocked to see the price of Nikon's FTZ adapter and i wonder if there are any third-party ones that work well?


I agree that the FTZ adapter is to expensive at the regular price.

I choose the the two lens kit for my Z50, which means I didn't get the discount.

For my old manual Nikkor lenses I bought a simple adapter from Urth for about 30 euros. Its well made and feels firm. For cameras that doesn't have IBIS, there is little or no point getting the FTZ if the lenses have manual focus. You get the exif right (I think) but it is also bigger with the tripod mount, and heavier.

Here you can se how the Urth adapter looks with the 35 2.0 AI:

A sample image:

And here is the adapter with the 85 2.0 AI:


I will keep a look out for a discount on the FTZ, but I want it for my modern AF-S Nikon F-lenses, not the old MF Nikkors.

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