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AmirHosseinLzz wrote:

i want to buy a new full frame dslr. i have a 50mm f1.8 and i am looking for another lenses to buy.
I do my street photography and Modeling with 50mm, but i need a lens like 18-135 that i could do a lot with it (wide, normal , Tele) but with GOOD QUALITY.
first i wanted to buy 6D MK II Kit 24-105 Stm but suddenly i find out the usm II version is a lot better, but i dont want to spend that much. is there really a lot of difference between stm and usm version?
Considering all above, now which one is better for me?

Get the 24-105 STM, I have had both 24-105 the STM version is far better the IQ is excellent fast to focus no question, the only advantage of the L version is weather sealing, but its relatively soft.

1- buy 6D MK II kit 24-105 STM??
2- Buy 6D MK II Body only which a second hand 23-105 USM I (Not II)?
3- another lense that you offer???
Tnx a lot

Hey ASR45, Thank you for your answer
which version of L do you have? one or two?

One, the photos and reviews of the two are not favourable, I say again get the cheap STM version the image quality is fantastic.

I think the 24 - 104 3.5 STM lens would be a solid performer on a FF in the right hands in the right lighting, yet all lenses have weaknesses - what are your thoughts on these two perceived weaknesses of the STM version outlined below - more limited light gathering ability and lower build quality ?

IMHO, photography is all about the light and the need of doubling shutter speeds and ISO will catch up with an STM user sooner or later.

Put another way, what advantage does a mandatory need to double the ISO or shutter speed for proper exposure bring the photographer?

"Now would be a good time to address the elephant in the room – the 24-105 IS STM's variable max aperture with a 1-stop narrower

Yes but F4 is soft, so makes no sense.

max aperture (from 67-105mm) compared to the rest of the lenses mentioned above. This means that you'll need twice as much light using the same ISO and shutter speed with the 24-105 IS STM compared to using one of the f/4 max aperture lenses above (or to put it another way, you'll need a shutter speed twice as long or a 1-stop higher ISO to achieve the same exposure). The 1-stop narrower aperture can be especially detrimental if photographing in dimly-lit conditions."


Source: https://www.the-digital-picture.com/News/News-Post.aspx?News=20512


Christopher Frost's review

See comments on build quality comparison


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