How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

Toronto Photography wrote:

Of course its the Level of the event of course,

A big difference between a manmade EMP and a natural solar flare event.

With a solar flare the electromagnetic energy would be picked up and concentrated by anything conductive even the ground, and especially by objects that are long, linear, and conductive. Railroad tracks, pipelines, power lines would essentially work as rabbit ear antennas, collecting the electromagnetic energy. Conversely a 6' power cord isn't going to collect much, if any energy from the air, because it's so short and because it's insulated.  But because a power grid is millions of miles of interconnected lines, that system would collect a lot of energy, overheat the transformers and distribution devices, and result in a general system failure.  Even if the equipment wasn't physically damaged, the safety shut-off systems would kick in and turn everything off.

And think of the electronic systems physically connected to pipelines now. Gasoline, oil, and natural gas lines, all at a halt.

But for that energy to get from the electric grid into your house and directly contact appliances and electronics, as when lightning strikes, it would have to get through the fuses on the transformers, the breakers in your home wiring circuits, and whatever surge protectors.

I suspect there is not enough wiring inside most appliances to collect much electromagnetic energy themselves.  Maybe it would if the event went on long enough?

I'm unclear if the em energy would continue building and collecting for the duration of the event, or how much devices would be protected by their existing shielding.

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