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Speaking of Paul...a Thank You to Him, Jim, Dave, Alistair etc

....I know I haven't been pulling my weight around here lately....busy, busy the world is falling apart...(and I must like hearing that I am needed to help people out...so I do).

But last week a commercial sort of project naturally fell into my hands, wearing several hats as it were, and the photography was fun....but there was a slight shadow between items on the matte white board...and a certain reddish cast as is my wont when shooting in natural light...the work was good enough and even cleaned up pretty well in PS...but on my right shoulder sat Paul sadly shaking his head, and on my left was Jim saying do better, shoot it again....I did with some distant bounce flash and the color cast and shadow are entirely gone.

On the black matte, the holographic silver seals would not take flash at all! No how, never....but here judgement comes into play....it looks very nice with depth and like a hologram shot with my slow shutter and sniper steady hand...

So the project is done or getting done...and you guys were with me...just like real life.

Thank you.

Best Wishes, Traveller

PS Edit: Sorry, I can't post it...you know,

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