How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

Bobthearch wrote:

Toronto Photography wrote:

More so than you can imagine, with a reasonable amount of time all hard drives in private hands will be erased via an event like the 1859 Carrington Event - which was the first time we noticed the effects as a species since its the first time we had primitive electronics to be destroyed/erased. The USA among other nations is currently on a twenty year race to shield critical data from eraser (money, medical and science archives etc)

Most Cloud companies have no such defences as there considered a waste of money.

Imagine all hard drives but the military being erased overnight and the chaos and loss of data that entails.

In some future shielding will probably be standard.

Personal hard drives, flash drives, etc. aren't linear or large enough to collect much of a charge, I imagine, but I can also imagine that a large enough electro-magnetic charge could corrupt data.

The highest risk will be from electro-magnetic currents accumulating on the overhead power lines and communication lines. I wonder how well surge protectors and breakers will insulate devices in our homes from that? Those things didn't exist in 1859 so the currents had free travel directly into the telegraph machines.

Mobile devices probably won't work during a storm, but permanently damaged?

Many communication lines are fiber optic now, and/or buried, so those should be relatively safe.

From my understanding your analysis is like saying the great LA earth quake might knock a few big buildings down or that the pandemic would last 2 weeks (we are at the half way point now most likely)

Trillions of dollars of damage from Forbes but this is wrong unless is purely a USA assessment - it is unclear in the article.

What could an EMP damage?

Depending on the power of the explosion or solar flare, an EMP could damage:

  • TVs, radios and other broadcast equipment
  • Power grid transformers and substations
  • Telephones (land lines) and mobile phones
  • Vehicle and aircraft control systems
  • Computers and all internet connected devices
  • Refrigerators
  • Generators
  • Satellites potentially within the range of the EMP

Anything electronic or powered by electricity could be damaged by an EMP. The damage will vary with the size of the EMP and how close you are to the center of the energy from the EMP.

What is the difference between Solar and Nuclear EMP?

A nuclear EMP is a more energetic and has a shorter burst. A solar flare EMP may also be referred to as a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) or a geomagnetic storm. Solar flares vary widely in intensity from simply causing bright “northern lights” to potentially destroying some or all of the power grid. Smaller EMPs may cause power grid blackouts. Solar flares can last much longer than nuclear EMPs.

Since power grids take a full day to safely shot off, and are warning time is 45 minutes, the pwoer grid will be out of commission longer much long than Katrina or teh east coast 3 day affair, since the damage to communications and power will be world wide. Most modern cars will no longer work if they are CPU integrated. Older, classic cars will be repairable fairly quickly, and 20s crank style cars or steam power will work fine.

Of course its the Level of the event of course,

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