the most basic of all questions .... is M 4/3 getting more popular ?

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Re: Interesting ...

Of course the real business is not to sell the “hugest” amount of camera gear but to sell enough at a good enough margin to make it worth while.

Hence FF gear is slower selling but the margins are pretty good. As evolving new systems there are more products being announced for new adopters to buy.

M4/3 is well established and the camera bodies are already “out there” to create a market for lenses. The lens range is also pretty good and there are probably not that many lens types needed to flesh it out further. Selling lenses out of existing ranges is not as exciting as discussing a newly released one even if we have no real intention of buying it.

Such things like the end of the GM series make me hang on to my up to seven+ year old design as  there is nowhere to go for an update and frankly I am not that interested in doing so anyway.

You cannot really gather how many users are actually out there by counting higher price/value of sales of new products to market by those who are starting to buy into yet another investment in a mount system.

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