Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

Mike Fewster wrote:

These shots illustrate the point nicely. You have a set up here that I envy and for similar subject matter.

Check out the total weight and price of a later version Olympus E-M10 and for instance the Panasonic 30 mm f2.8 (60 mm equivalent) or the Olympus 60/2.8 (120 mm eq) macro lens and you will notice that the whole setup costs and weights about the same as only the Sony 90/2.8 macro. So you can still use Sony for everything else and just have that m4/3 body and macro lens in the bag as your macro option.

While I am a sony user and have been in the fold since Minolta days, I have a very soft spot for Olympus. IMHO they don't get the recognition they deserve for some important advances over the years. A number of my friends use Olympus and I get to stay in touch with developments over there. It often seems to me that many (but by no means all) Sony users aren't very well informed as to what happens outside their own patch and they get brand defensive rather quickly.

Also many Sony Artisans seems to have little clue what other systems gives. Since Sony lets the Artisans feed them with input they get a very skewed image of what is out there and what it is good for and when someone here asks for focus bracketing, live view composite/bulb, pre capture etc they have no clue what it is good for and why it can't be solved other than with in camera functionality so they never lets that info get further up to Sonys R&D people. But they did help to push for time lapse functionality since they understood that one. Unfortunately it is fully solvable with a cheap remote with a timer built in so it was one of the few functions they didn't need to spend development time on (I do understand that it is easier to have it camera, but the ones I listed aren't possible with an outside function and don't come dragging with the 400 USD 1 fps Camranger again). That is my take on it at least from what I've seen.

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