What Are Your Voting Criteria?

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Re: What Are Your Voting Criteria?

If the picture does not come close to the rules either a .5 or no vote

If the picture simply does nothing for me for the challenge title either .5 or no vote

If the picture is interesting but there is no title to the picture, just image number etc, sorry, I will down vote you for not using your brain to come up with a good title/description.

If the picture is great and the title description really fits the bill, I  will give you a great vote for capturing my interest.

I always look at every image in full screen, can I  picture this blown up and hanging on a wall?  Is this striking looking, something, that makes me go Oh Wow!  If so, full marks for it.

If I have seen the same entry consistently in different challenges without any changes (for example, Noah and his boat, I  am so tired of seeing that one, I  won't even bother giving is a vote any more. The same thing goes for the leaf on the ground, boring!!! Please show some imagination) I cannot even give you credit for trying or trying to be consistent.

Some categories simply do not interest me, so cannot vote. Other categories just thrill me to pieces, the entries are fabulous, and I will give many 4 to 4.5 to 5 stars.

I always check the full rules before voting and decide from that.

If the picture is blurry and I cannot understand what the subject is even after reading the title description, I  will down vote you.

If the challenge says macro and the entries are not macro or even good or excellent close ups, I  will down vote you.

If I have commented on your challenge or on your entry, you have touched me and I want to let you know.

The challenges lately have been fantastic and I thank each and every one of you hosts for this and making the voting so enjoyable  for me.

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