M or PowerShot Forum? G1X III vs M6 II + 15-45

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M or PowerShot Forum? G1X III vs M6 II + 15-45

Not sure which to put this in...

Battery charged, setup the camera quickly with my Sony Tough UHS-II freshly formatted.

I'll say this, the M6 Mark II is just as impressive this time around as the last; you'd think this would be a slam dunk, well, no, it's not. Maybe the end of this matter is not that one is better than the other, which is what I set out to decide and keep the "winner", but that each is different...

Yesterday I shot the G1X III at the beach: hostile sand, water, and being tossed around. M's don't like that treatment. I haven't tried it, but I doubt it. It was VERY useful. The kids also have been taking a liking to my G1X Mark III lately, even though auto mode on it is, less intelligent.

The M6 II +15-45 is notably heavier and larger. I thought it wouldn't be an issue, it is notably larger and heavier. The autofocus though is powerful as expected and leaves the G1X III in the dust. Not expected but the JPEG engine and ALO/metering is much more powerful on the M6 II, getting better tones and finer detail. It's not even a close match, it's a slaughter, the M6 II wins hands down with the 15-45 and it's lesser lens with the M6 II setup, and I haven't even review the shots on a big screen yet, and that's with shutter shock shutter speeds.

The 15-45 lens though, is less flare resistant, I had some strong backlight and boy, it does not like it. Macro capabilities are also more ho-hum than I'm accustomed to. Video does well though with it's IS and STM motors. What's interesting, at 1/60, f/2.8 ISO3200 on the G1X Mark III, in the same conditions, the M6 Mark II 1/60, @f/3.5 is also ISO3200, same exposure/lighting... Either the sensor in that much more sensitive on the M6 II, or, that f/2.8 lens isn't so f/2.8. Willing to bet there is a bit of fibbing / stretching by Canon on that metric on the G1X Mark III, and, the sensor on the M6 II probably is quite a bit more sensitive, too.

The setup on the G1X III is really nice, having the small well placed EVF, is missed on the M6 II, even though you can slap on an EVF-DC2, which is a nicer/higher quality EVF on the M6 II, and likewise, the leaf shutter is really a nice touch vs that machine gun M6 II. The fully articulating screen is nice as well vs the flippy. All to say, there is no clear winner this early on. My instinct says the M6 II just slaps the G1X III around (pun intended with that machine gun shutter slapping), but, I really do feel if Canon could combine that 32MP sensor and DIGIC8 in a G1X III body/lens, it'd be a real winner. Sadly we must choose. Samples to follow, charts, testing, more thoughts. I'm in no rush though. May be a while as my work these days is much more demanding as is the family. May be a week till I can report back with verbosity.

If you're a lens swapper, the M6 II is a clear winner. If however you're approaching it as I am as a compact point and shoot option where you stick to a stock lens, maybe a 22, it's a harder sell. Let the battle begin...

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