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jfriend00 wrote:

Zeee wrote:

Well I have a choice to un-subscribe which I would do in a heart beat if Adobe ever ticks me off.

And, if you do un-subscribe, then you can no longer modify the edits in your existing library. You'd have to either start over from the RAW in a new editor or export a JPEG/TIFF to open in a new editor. This is one of the challenges with parametric RAW editing as the parametric adjustments are not directly transferrable to another editor without rendering them to JPEG/TIFF first (they are mostly proprietary).

That may or may not bother you, but it definitely bothers me which is why I prefer perpetual licenses so I can keep using the software I have (for at least my existing edits) as long as it still runs, even if the company goes in a direction I don't like or raises prices or whatever.

I’d have no issue with that. I still could export all my edited files if I wish. If I want to re-edit a one I’d just use the other developer. It won’t effect LR edits.

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