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Van Griff wrote:

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contadorfan wrote:

I don't want to cause no fuss,

but can I buy your Magic Brush


It sounds like an auto selection brush mask,which is a relatively big feature update in a point release of the software. Unless it's just advance marketing for the next major version release in September /October.




CAPTURE ONE has a 40% upgrade discount available for C121N which would put my cost at CA$194 CA$116.40 which is a pretty reasonable discount.

But if I wait until Black Friday sales in NOV I will probably get a similar discount for 22 . . . perhaps even better . . . and two full upgrades from 20 to 22.

So thinking I should wait until NOV Bl Fri sales . . . or is there any advantage to upgrading to 21 now . . . like a super discount on 22 when it comes out??? . . . I wouldn't think so as I would ultimately be paying for two full upgrades and double the cost if I upgrade now to 21 and in NOV to 22 . . . although perhaps I do 21 now and forget about 22 in NOV???

Sheeesh . . . going round in circles here trying to outthink myself!!!



You are trying to outthink yourself.

I personally wouldn't wait to upgrade to v21 until later this year trying to get an even better deal.  Either upgrade now so you can enjoy it's features immediately (if your workflow would benefit from the new features) or wait until v22 early next year.  It seems to me that the worst deal is to upgrade near the end of the product cycle when a new version will be coming out in 3 months.

When the new version comes out, I generally make a decision in the first few months after it comes out whether I'm going to want it or not and I pull the trigger on purchasing either when I have some major photo event coming up that I want the new features for or when I see a deal.  There are indeed sometimes deals (I bought C20 on a deal and upgraded to 21 on a deal), but I don't think they're entirely predictable when or what they will be so it's hard to plan on them.

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