Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Are the weightage on the criterias for Landscape photography well selected?

MicahSYL wrote:

From the video, DPR weighted on better LED panel, better High dynamic range, Focus stacking and better time lapse function, to decide on Nikon.

Are these more important to you?

My take is nothing much - Just Higher MP and above average ISO performance.

The rest are just cream on top of whatever cake it is sitting on.

DPR acknowledged Best in Resolution, Best choice of landscape lenses.

It was a little odd that they didn't mention Nikons F-mount catalog of lenses. I live under the belief that they work as well as native lenses (unless the screw mounted ones that only gives MF which for landscape isn't that great problem in many cases either). But I might be wrong in this belief that F-mount lenses works as good as native lenses on the Z-bodys?

To me that is far more important.

Yes, you can add external devices to cover lack of focus stacking acquisition (not actually doing a focus stacking on the spot, you do it in PP) Has any camera been able to process in-camera at 60MP yet? - No.

I hope we weight what really matters rather than side-track on the good to have issues.

Just my personal thought. Anyway the updated A7R4A now has a better LED panel.


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