Shocking - G500 outperforms the 7i

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Re: Jared: wrong comparison

I've been a lurker, but perhaps one should state the obvious: Of course comparing the G500 and 7i is apples to oranges, IF one is talking about features.

But it is not like a Yugo and Rolls. If the Yugo had better acceleration, faster top speed, more convenient seating and nicer steering, THAT would be worth knowing, even if the Rolls were adjustable, had better tires, manual tranny, did better in turns, were more durable etc.

The relevant point is: How hard is it to get better pictures with the 7i than the G500? If I'm upgrading from the G500 to the 7i, do I only get better pictures if I tweak settings? Do I get better pictures or just more features, and near professional flexibility? If the latter, many who might move from a P and S to a near DSLR would change their mind.

I have both a G500 and an FD based Canon SLR system. I can say without a doubt that the AE1 program series with a 50mm or 35mm FD lens does better as a point and shoot than any compact 35mm camera I've ever used (Olympus XA, Ricoh R100, Sure Shot, etc.) as well as being more flexible.

Apparently, the same cannot be said of a 7i relative to a G500 and that is relevant to someone deciding whether to upgrade.

If this is not true, consider my statement retracted.

John Nye

Jim Rickards wrote:

Jared Hunter wrote:

Jim Rickards wrote:

Greg Henry wrote:

Well, you are paying for different things. The G500 take
incredibly good photos (I just bought one) and I was surprised at
how well it does. Still, it doesn't have all of the manual
controls the A1 has, the zoom range, ability to use filters, etc.
They are designed for two completely different groups of people,
really. Not sure it's fair to compare them.

Now, compare the G500 to others in it's category like the Canon A80
or 400... it buries them.


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Jared, if you are referring to my comparison remarks, they were
in response to Jim C's post about comparing the 10D to the G500.
I just can't see a lot of people narrowing their choice in a camera
down to those two cameras, and needing a comparison report.

Both are fine cameras, and yes, you can compare them, same as the
Rolls and the Yugo. (Yugo wins on economy and ease of parking for
example) But as I asked in my first post, why compare them? They
are not likely to be side by side on anyone's short list.

Jim Rickards

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