1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

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Re: 1Password Subscription Storage

noirdesir wrote:

LarryRC wrote:

I suppose an update could be programmed to send a copy of my vault along with my unlocking key to someone?

1Passworddetails that everything stored on their servers is end-to-end encrypted, meaning the key to decrypt it never leaves the customers’ devices (“Only you know your Master Password: it’s never […] sent over the network”). That means that even to access the data stored on their server, they would first need to modify the local client (via a software update) to send that decryption key to them.

For something like a password manager, you trust the company that it isn’t a fraudulent enterprise in the first place, that it doesn’t lie about the security architecture of its product, that it doesn’t have any security relevant bugs and that it has sufficient measures against insider attacks.

Yes but staying with the disgruntled coder with a back door…. Many possibilities are possibilities ble.

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