Canon Eos 600 film - Blank frames...:(

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Re: Canon Eos 600 film - Blank frames...:(

Most likely the sticky shutter problem, which roughly speaking stopped being an issue at the time of the EOS 300/50e, and maybe 500N. It prevents you from using speeds beyond a certain point.

Could you post an image of the shutter with the back open/film unloaded? There might be goo visible on it.

Regardless, to test this out- unload film from camera, take lens off, and hold it up to a light with the back open. Then cycle through shutter speeds until you see one that doesn't look right/like the rest.

Thankfully- this problem can be solved without disassembly or specialist tools, if you look it up.

If you are going to use autofocus canon lenses, then I recommend buying one after the point I mentioned, which on the cheap will be an EOS 300V (later) or EOS 300 (earlier).

If you want to use manual focus lenses with a manual focus screen on EF mount, then I recommend you find a working EOS 600/620/650, or clean this one. They are the only model that are cheap, plentiful and support removable screens.

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