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Re: Olympus kit lens question

Chuck Bagdade wrote:

baxters wrote:

I still own both versions of that lens. The black one is the "L" model and came with my EPL1 in 2010. The silver one is is the R model, and came with my EPM1.

Both work the same way. In "MF" mode, spinning the front focus rings kicks the display into 10X mode and I can focus. In "SAF-MF" mode, the camera still focuses automatically, and spinning the ring kicks it into MF mode with the 10X screen.

Congrats on the EPL1. Still a useable camera in 2021. The IS is broken on mine. I've read about how to fix it, but I lose too many screws these days.

The black one is, indeed, what I have. I suppose I can live with AF only for this one lens if I have to. As I stated previously, the tele zoom lens focuses manually just fine.


In a previous post you said

Chuck Bagdade wrote:

It's not jammed. When I turn the focusing ring a little, it quickly returns to its original position- by power.

SInce it returns to its original position by power its very likely not a mechanical malfunction.

You can double check this by shutting off the camera and then turning the focus ring - if it doesn't jam and doesn't return, then its not mechanical.

I can see possibilities that you are observing behaviour controlled by camera settings

1) Are you by chance using S-AF+MF instead of MF mode? If the former, the camera will still Autofocus when you half press the shutter button.

2) The function Reset Lens "When set to [ON], resets the focus of the lens (infinity) each time the power is turned off"- is it possible that the lens is loosing power when you move the lens? If so, unsetting this should cure the behaviour

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