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While neither of these subscription programs are perfect, there are 2 software publishers that are at least on the right track. They are Topaz, and ACDSee Systems.

Topaz sells a service contract and upgrade service. You subscribe to ongoing upgrades and service but own the permanent license in effect at the time you quit the subscription. This is similar to what IBM, Microsoft, and other industrial software businesses offer to their business clients.

Very interesting - that makes so much sense. If Adobe had offered it like that, I would be a Lightroom subscriber now. But, instead, I moved from LR6 perpetual to Capture One perpetual where I get to keep using my current version of software for as long as it still runs.

The one bugaboo in that process is that you probably need to initially subscribe for a minimum term so you can't walk away with the current version of software for the cost of one month's subscription.

It’s great until a new camera is released. If your annual subscription payment runs out you can still use it but it useless until you pay for the upgrade for the RAW support.
Also you miss the updates throughout the year. One example is the latest Denoise 3.2 which improved colour accuracy. They also tweak to reduce artifacts, etc

I’d be curious to know how many people actually don’t pay to renew every year to stay current. Don’t know about everyone else but I have always liked to have the latest.

My entire point is that I prefer to pay for an update when I decide that the upgrade is worth it to me, not just so that I can continue to use the software I already have. If I buy a new camera and I want/need upgraded RAW support, then I have no problem at all paying for that. That only happens to me about once every 5 years so that's not really a big issue to me. If they add new features that are valuable enough for me, I will buy the upgrade. If not, I will skip it.

I agree with you. I post so others are aware due to my experience with another company where I paid for what I thought would be a year and only got 7 months.

And, the real kicker is that if my photography goes a bit dormant for a year or two (as it did during the pandemic), there is ZERO reason to buy the new versions those years either. It's about choice! I pay when I decide to, not just so that my software continues to function. To me it's 50% practical and 50% principle - I like the choice of when to pay. Even if I end up choosing to pay for every upgrade, I still like the free choice model. As it turns out, I actually like the Capture One software better than LR too. After 8 years with LR, it took only a few days and I had learned enough of Capture One to like it better, particularly the layers and ability to directly edit masks, build masks via color, dynamically adjustable masks, etc..., all without leaving Capture One and without leaving parametric RAW editing - something you cannot do in LR.

I don't need any level of that for what I do. If I did editing for a living perhaps. Adobe got some jabs about being a soccer mom editing program. Maybe that is all some people want or need.

C1 Pro had an offer for a free personal website for one year via SmugMug. What happens after the year is up and you take the time to build your site? I checked out website pricing at SmugMug. It is not inexpensive. The Adobe plan comes with a personal website. It costs me me much less to use the plan than it did to use Zenfolio alone. Of course all this works for me and it doesn't for others.

I have no problem if others love the subscription model - go for it. With Capture One, you get your choice and can go either way. With LR, you don't get a choice.

Well I have a choice to un-subscribe which I would do in a heart beat if Adobe ever ticks me off.

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