PetaPixel K-3 Mark III Review

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It makes no sense...

It makes no sense to suggest that new high end DSLR's are in competition with MILC's.

K-mount owners like me with lots of glass will be loyal to the K-mount. IQ-wise the law of diminished returns is already there. All modern >24 Mp APS-C and >36 MP FF deliver superb IQ for those who can handle them.  I will replace my K1ii and KP when it stops working or when they are technologically wise end of life.

Nowadays cams have a life span from 5 - 10 years. That's the main reason sales decline. The tsunami of sales years ago was caused by the change from analogue to digital, first the APS-C wave, then FF wave, and for many years the steep improvement of IQ of these generations of cams.

People now and on entering serious photography without any mount loyalty, most of the time will pick up a MILC. Only those who are in DSLR already will maybe renew with new (high end) DSLR's as long as they are not seduced to switch to MILC's using a full functional adapter for their old glass.

So, however,  DSLR's are a declining market, MILC's are the upcoming. It will take some years but that is the reality. MILC's are easier to produce, more compact and basically cheaper.

Pentax did a great job for Pentaxians to offer the new K3iii. Hopefully there will be a K1iii and maybe maybe a new 645 also. But in low frequency and not cheap because of the little volumes.

Maybe in the long turn there will be Pentax MILC's again, to use the advantages of new sensor technology with integrated AF. That most likely will be K-mount based bodies using the longer flange distance for K-mount loyal people that still massive exist. If not, I expect Pentax will diminish further on and disappear in the history books of photography...

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